Your Guide to Planning an Affordable Vacation to Maui

To save money in Maui or any other Hawaiian island, follow these 3 cardinal rules:

Go straight from the airport to Costco

It's practically next door. Why pass up the opportunity to save 50% on bread, milk, liquor and beach gear?

Know the happy hours in your area

Most bars and restaurants in Maui have at least one happy hour per week. Plan your meals accordingly! Food and drink will likely be one of your biggest expenses - discounted happy hour prices will significantly help you reduce your costs.

Bring as much from home with you as possible

Although you can rest assured that Maui has everything you'll need once you get there, everything costs more here. Bring as many things from home as possible, including sunscreen, snorkel gear, items for computers/cameras, etc. When you do need essentials like flip-flops or bathing suits, always check the ABC Store first for the best prices.