Your Guide to Planning an Affordable Vacation to Maui


Always try different combinations of days and times

This will give you an idea of the price range you are looking at for your desired destination. By moving your travel days a day or two in either direction, you may create much different results for your queries.

Don't be discouraged easily!

If you don't like the fares you find the first time, try back again tomorrow. And remember to try all different travel days and times to get an idea of where the market is on price. The more flexible your days, the better chance you have of saving money on your airfare.

  • Do "The Rounds" to the right
  • Surf all major brokers when pricing your airline tickets
  • Be persistent. Check rates daily.
  • Find out the cost of your baggage at check-in. Both checked and carry-on baggage may incur additional charge at the gate.
  • Check ebay or Craigslist for non-refundable airfare being sold by private parties who cannot make their scheduled trips.
  • The economy is still down - tourism needs you - barter! If you see a deal one day and it goes away the next, call the company and see if they can still honor it.
Hawaiian Airlines

Airline rates fluctuate daily

Plan on spending some time researching options to get the best rate. Our personal theory is that the best prices for airfare are found approximately 1-2 months before the desired departure date, but this can vary depending on seasons, availability, and the actual days of the week you plan to travel.

Red-Eye Flights

We highly recommend Red-Eye flights for the return trip to the mainland. There are several reasons why this can be a great option: value and convenience, less people travelling at night, airlines more likely to be on time, less baggage handling, maximizing use of daytime while on vacation, easier to sleep on quieter and darker cabins, travel always seems to go faster at night!

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